Calls For Better Mental Health Support For Graduates

When people are at university, they have a structure and know what they’re doing for at least the coming months or couple of years. But when they leave they can find themselves in a challenging position, especially if they struggle to find work quickly.

The BBC recently highlighted calls from charity Mind Cymru, the Welsh branch of the Mind mental health charity, for better mental health support for graduates.

Megan Elias, a graduate, shared how she felt lonely and went through a low period after finishing university.

Speaking to S4C’s Newyddion9 programme, she said: “Many of my friends got jobs before graduating and if you’ve been on the same path, you want to be as successful as them. I was so happy to see them succeed but I thought – why not me?”

Ms Elias also admitted it was difficult to move home and live with her parents after spending three years living with friends.

There are no official figures regarding the mental health of recent graduates, but City Mental Health Alliance carried out research which suggested that almost half of students felt low after graduating.

If you feel low for a prolonged period of time and it starts to affect other areas of your life, you may want to find a counsellor in Manchester city centre who you can talk to.

It’s not just graduates who can find their mental health suffers. Students can also struggle due to the pressure they’re under. The Guardian recently offered some advice to students about looking after their wellbeing, including highlighting the mental health and wellbeing services provided by universities on campus.

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