High Rates Of Body Anxiety Among Girls Highlighted

Body anxiety is causing girls and young women in the UK to avoid going to school or into their workplace, new research has found.

The Independent shared the findings of the study by Plan International, which found that one in six girls or young women in Britain has decided to stay at home rather than going to school or work because they felt anxious about how they looked.

Worryingly, the research also found that as many as nine in ten girls feel as though they need to match up to an “ideal” type of face and physique, while one quarter admitted to feeling “ashamed or disgusted” by their body.

For the survey, Plan International polled over 1,000 14 to 21 year old women and girls. It indicated that this is a problem many have to deal with every day, with 39 per cent stating they had anxiety about how they looked on a daily basis.

It also found that 69 per cent of girls in this age group had deliberately not gone to at least one social, school or work activity because of their body image anxiety.

CEO of the organisation Rose Caldwell told the newspaper that they knew it was a problem, but that the study highlights the scale of the issue.

“These new statistics show this is having a frightening impact on their futures, affecting their ability to take advantage of opportunities and, in some cases, preventing them from their basic rights to access education and earn a living,” she asserted.

Earlier this year, research by the Mental Health Foundation found that reality TV was making young people’s body anxiety worse.

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