Staff ‘Reluctant’ To Use Company Mental Health Support

While it’s great that companies provide mental health support programmes for their members of staff, there’s little point in doing so if employees are reluctant to make use of such services.

And interestingly, this appears to be the case, with Morgan McKinley’s latest Mental Health in the Workplace survey revealing that 80 per cent of staff in the commerce and industry sectors said they don’t make use of the support on offer, while 66 per cent of those in the financial services industry say the same.

It would appear that people feel that they need to keep conditions private amid fears that it could have a negative impact on their career opportunities, which may be why they shy away from making use of workplace mental health support schemes.

“Whatever your profession and level of seniority, the stress of work can take its toll on everyone. This said, it affects some significantly more than it does others. It’s important that companies offer support to their staff at all times, especially when they may be struggling with their mental health at work,” the report went on to note.

But what are your options if you are reluctant to use the services your company provides? Seeing a counsellor in Manchester city centre or your local area could be a good option instead, so you can keep it private if this is a concern of yours.

Mental Health Awareness Week has just drawn to a close, ending on May 19th, so now might well be the right time to seek help if you think you need it.

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