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We are a team of qualified Counsellors and Psychotherapists, based on King Street in Central Manchester, who will help you to overcome your problems and reach your full potential.

Enhance your self-awareness and feel empowered

Phoenix Counselling Services is a safe place where you can be heard.

To us, the Phoenix represents empowerment and growth with the ability to emerge a stronger you.

Phoenix Counselling Services offers a place where people can go and have access to the specialist support they need, all under one roof.

We provide sessions in person in central Manchester on King Street as well as by remote methods.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a way of working with emotional and situational difficulties which involves the exploration of your thoughts and feelings relating to the past, present and future. Counselling can help you address the challenges you experience and enhance your life management skills.

We can help you with

It’s not always easy to move forward when we face adversities in life and we’re not always immediately aware of the full effects difficult experiences may have had on us. Taking the first step towards counselling can be difficult, but talking to a Counsellor or Psychotherapist can help.

Our Counsellors

Receive unconditional support from passionate and caring professionals. We have the best Counsellors and Psychotherapists on hand so that you have the experience and skills needed to support you through your journey, with sessions tailored to your needs.


The openness and kindness of my Counsellor Jade allowed me to open up and share things I had never shared before. I think ultimately this had the biggest impact which was amazing.


April 2022

Phoenix Counselling Services was an easy to access service, which gave descriptive information about the services and differences between the Counsellors they offer, which enabled me to choose who I felt would be the right fit for me. I had specific needs in terms of days I would be able to attend appointments and these were worked around easily and I felt well supported as a result. Communication from the service was always clear and timely. Marian understood what I was seeking from counselling and adapted the sessions around my needs. Marian was able to create a relaxed atmosphere and remove much of the anxieties I had about counselling and by giving me space and time where it was needed, she allowed the process to feel safe and secure. I would definitely recommend Phoenix Counselling Services and Marian for anyone considering accessing counselling. Thank you!


November 2021

I can’t praise Tanya and Phoenix Counselling highly enough! I had experience of CBT through the NHS and a few other counselling services before starting my fortnightly sessions with Tanya. They really exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed how structured they were. I instantly felt comfortable around Tanya and she knew exactly how to bring out the most out of our sessions. I feel like I’ve gained skills for life and can deal with anxiety and stress so much better now. This was truly the best investment in my long-term wellbeing. Compared to CBT these sessions really got to the root of the issue, and focused on finding long-term solutions rather than a ‘quick fix’. I know that if I ever need counselling again, I will have a brilliant place to return to for more sessions.


July 2021

It was really helpful and beneficial to speak to Fenella. I feel like she really got me. She helped me to look at things from a different perspective and I feel that I have more clarity and self-awareness as a result. Thanks Fenella. 


February 2019

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Phoenix Counselling Services is a safe place where you can be heard.

The building is Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) compliant and therefore accessible to all.

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