All names in the following testimonials are pseudonyms to protect client confidentiality.

The openness and kindness of my Counsellor Jade allowed me to open up and share things I had never shared before. I think ultimately this had the biggest impact which was amazing.


April 2022

Phoenix Counselling Services was an easy to access service, which gave descriptive information about the services and differences between the Counsellors they offer, which enabled me to choose who I felt would be the right fit for me. I had specific needs in terms of days I would be able to attend appointments and these were worked around easily and I felt well supported as a result. Communication from the service was always clear and timely. Marian understood what I was seeking from counselling and adapted the sessions around my needs. Marian was able to create a relaxed atmosphere and remove much of the anxieties I had about counselling and by giving me space and time where it was needed, she allowed the process to feel safe and secure. I would definitely recommend Phoenix Counselling Services and Marian for anyone considering accessing counselling. Thank you!


November 2021

I found it difficult to show and let go of my emotions. The therapy enabled me to become more self-exploratory and find the emotions I had been burying. I know I had trauma issues but I didn’t know how to deal with it. Gradually, I realised just how shut off I had become and gradually I began to feel emotions in my body (…and) to face my fear of confronting them. Then I began to understand how to go with feeling them and the relief of letting them go.


October 2021

Marian was very understanding of my needs and I felt she helped me massively. Big thank you!


August 2021

I can’t praise Tanya and Phoenix Counselling highly enough! I had experience of CBT through the NHS and a few other counselling services before starting my fortnightly sessions with Tanya. They really exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed how structured they were. I instantly felt comfortable around Tanya and she knew exactly how to bring out the most out of our sessions. I feel like I’ve gained skills for life and can deal with anxiety and stress so much better now. This was truly the best investment in my long-term wellbeing. Compared to CBT these sessions really got to the root of the issue, and focused on finding long-term solutions rather than a ‘quick fix’. I know that if I ever need counselling again, I will have a brilliant place to return to for more sessions.


July 2021

I found the experience incredibly helpful. Marian was excellent; allowing me to feel in control of the direction of the counselling while giving guidance and great insight. I cannot thank her enough for the help she’s given me.


April 2021

The counselling I received from Tanya has had an immense positive impact on my life. I’ve seen a number of Counsellors over my adult life, both private and NHS. From my first conversation with Tanya I was impressed by her obvious confidence and experience, the clarity with which she explained concepts, and her ability to challenge me and help me find the strength to engage healthily with problems I’ve struggled with for decades. I always felt safe and secure working with her, even as we discussed traumatic experiences in my past and particularly negative ways of thinking in the present. I was refreshed to find that she could combine very useful practical coping strategies to help me manage panic, anxiety and anger (which I still use pretty much daily) with some very deep therapeutic conversations which have given me incredibly useful perspective on who I am and why, and have set me off on a long but rewarding road towards a healthier, happier more autonomous and more fully-realised self. My counselling included a single trauma release session which I can genuinely describe as life-changing. So far (months after) it seems to have freed me from the effects of numerous traumatic and painful recurring memories.


March 2021

Tanya is so easy to talk to and made my first experience of therapy feel so natural. She has helped me address so many aspects of my personal and mental wellbeing. I now feel much better equipped to handle things and will continue to use the techniques we discussed going forward. I can’t thank her enough.


March 2021

Having someone listen was the main thing, but then the insight and understanding I felt from Tanya helped put me at ease and allowed me to explore my issues comfortably. I appreciated the time given to help me deal with my own problems and that it never felt like I was being told what to do or belittling any problem I may have faced. The service helped me realise a lot more about myself than I thought it would, my preconceptions were wrong and I feel I benefited more from the service as a result. I thought I would be given detailed scientific explanations and break downs of my problem areas but in fact, received guidance and confidence to alter my expectations and beliefs in myself. I never felt judged when visiting for my sessions and found myself recommending the service to others because of how welcoming and useful I found it. Tanya’s experience and training clearly shone through as sessions progressed and I felt comfortable knowing she could help. At no point did I feel like I was wrong, broken or needed fixing. The service provided is positive, supportive and has given me the confidence, energy and tools to go forward on my journey. Thank you


January 2020

“Phoenix Counselling helped me a great deal and empowered me to take the action I needed to get my life back on track”


December 2019

“Dealing with my anxiety and Tanya helping me to understand what I want was most helpful”


December 2019

“I could not recommend Tanya and Phoenix Counselling anymore! The support I received has helped me rebuild my confidence, know my self-worth and as a whole, made me the better person I always knew I could be despite my personal issues. Amazing service and to say it helped me would be an understatement”.


December 2019

“Tanya was incredibly understanding and supportive and helped me to work through trauma which I didn’t feel was understood by other services I have worked with. After reaching a real low point in my life, she helped me to rebuild a new mindset and I’m leaving this experience happier than I have ever been. Thank you so much”.


December 2019

“Having had various types of counselling before, I have to admit I doubted whether I would learn anything new or whether I could be helped. However, looking back over the techniques and the insight I have gained, the experience, despite only being a few months has completely revitalised me and given me the strength and support to approach my life differently and more confidently. I can honestly say I would not be where I am without Tanya and I would strongly recommend her services”. 


December 2019

“Coming to see Tanya and accessing the counselling service has been enormously helpful to me. When I was looking for some talking therapy, I hadn’t the first idea where to start and as I was off work, I felt fairly isolated. Talking to Tanya initially helped me understand how therapy could help me to find answers to questions I didn’t know how to form and as our sessions progressed, they have helped me to understand how I view and interact with the world and how I can use this information to have a better relationship with everyone in my life and with myself. It has helped me to feel like myself again, when I found the service, I struggled to recognise myself. I would highly recommend Tanya and Phoenix more generally. Thank you”. 


December 2019

“At the start of my sessions with Tanya, I was in a really dark place and felt I had a lot of childhood trauma that I needed to deal with and process. After six months, I truly feel like a different person. Tanya was always so kind and understanding and I couldn’t have asked for more. I highly recommend this service”. 


December 2019

“Tanya has been amazing in supporting me through a difficult few months. I believe in myself more and have a lot more confidence. I would highly recommend Phoenix Counselling Services”.


December 2019

“The counselling I received with Tanya has helped me out of a dark place and empowered me to let go of the emotions that were holding me back. I would highly recommend this service to anyone seeking help”.


December 2019

“Tanya responding quickly to my initial email enquiry gave me comfort in getting the help I wanted”.


December 2019

I can’t recommend this service enough! Got everything I wanted and more, such personalised help and guidance from Tanya. Just amazing – I’ve learnt more in these last six months than I ever expected”. 


November 2019

“I was given the help to work through an unfamiliar and hard experience. I am walking away today with a different mind set on life and a different way to deal with problems I might face in the future. I felt like I have been given the support to regain confidence I lost over the last year. Thank you so much Tanya.”


May 2019

“The sessions with Tanya were great. When I first had a session, I was feeling very low but as I attended more sessions, I felt well again and even shared my experience with my partner.” 


May 2019

No words could describe how grateful I am today for the help and support Tanya gave me. From the first moments together and throughout the rollercoaster of emotions and memories that she helped me face, manage and ultimately use to become a better version of myself. 


April 2019

It was really helpful and beneficial to speak to Fenella. I feel like she really got me. She helped me to look at things from a different perspective and I feel that I have more clarity and self-awareness as a result. Thanks Fenella. 


February 2019

Counselling helped me in fighting my crippling anxiety, improving my self-talk, prioritising tasks and resolving internal conflicts and dilemmas whilst making important decisions. Tanya was very kind, compassionate and friendly. 


February 2019

I am so grateful for Tanya and her support through a rough time. Her guidance has helped me to manage my anxiety and cope with difficult life events. I wouldn’t be where I am now without her. 


February 2019

Tanya has been an incredible anchor during one of the stormiest seas I’ve known in a while. I have grown so much with such in-depth care, trust, empathy and understanding. Thank you for not letting me feel like I hold ‘mental health problems’, that I was struggling more than most or was troubled, all things I had felt just before we met. Instead she helped me to realise that I’d just had a challenging year. This enabled me to feel normal and not detached from the person I used to be and not ‘getting ill’. I felt more and more each session that I was moving forward towards healing, growth and confidence. I am so grateful to Tanya for being her.


December 2018

Being able to build a mental toolkit of methods to use in various situations was the most helpful part. It enabled me to put them into practice in different situations that other forms of help have not enabled me to do. Tanya has helped me find my way to knowing my true self. 


December 2018

Tanya helped me to deal with anxiety with self-help techniques.


December 2018

I would definitely recommend Phoenix Counselling Services to anyone who feels they need professional, compassionate and life changing help. As I have never had counselling before, I wasn’t entirely sure it was going to be for me but after my first session with Tanya I left with a sense of relief and positivity that I would get through my difficulties and be better for it. Tanya was understanding, empathic and utterly professional throughout. It makes all the difference when the person you are spilling your life to is a real human with real life experiences. If you are unsure whether this is for you, I can without a doubt say it’s worth a try. I have come to see my situation in a completely different light and although I still have bad days, I can genuinely say that the help I was given during my sessions is still with me today. I feel empowered, brave and myself again. Thank you.


November 2018

I found the sessions to be immeasurably helpful in getting me to the heart of my problem. It became clear to me very early on that I could open up to Tanya without any fear of judgment or pressure. This was very important to me as I was initially hesitant about attending counselling sessions. I got in touch with Phoenix Counselling Services over email and they were very quick in replying. Throughout the process, they were accommodating and understanding. We worked through my problem over the course of several months and I can genuinely say that each session added great value. These sessions have made a significant positive impact in my life and I would strongly recommend Phoenix Counselling Services to anybody who, like me, may feel unsure about attending counselling in the first place.


November 2018

I found Tanya to be warm, positive, responsive and with an innate understanding of what I needed. Sometimes empathetic, sometimes pushing me to confront my emotional wounds and pains which was necessary to grow and heal. Tanya helped me to develop the coping skills and tools to transform any complex trauma into something positive and mute the lifelong negative self-talk. She really has been life changing and I will see the benefits of her work for decades to come. 


November 2018

It’s not easy finding the right words to express how thankful I am for your help Tanya. Every meeting with you has almost felt like a meeting with a friend, you’ve met with me warmth and compassion and most importantly given me the stepping stones to build myself up again and believe in myself. Though this is your job, it shines through your work what a lovely person you are. Thank you for helping me fight through some of my toughest demons, thank you for listening and for always greeting me with a smile and thank you for never judging me and providing a safe space. Thank you for everything!


June 2018

Going to counselling was the best thing I ever did. I would recommend Phoenix Counselling Services to anyone who is feeling lost or vulnerable. 


April 2018

“I have never felt as strong minded as I do now. Learning that I could challenge myself and not accept being miserable in our sessions kick started a change in my life. I have a goal in mind and am working everyday to reach it. Thanks for everything Tanya, the few sessions we had has changed so much for me”.


March 2018

Before going to see Tanya, I had suffered with PTSD for years but from our first session her passion and sincerity put me at ease. The therapy positively affected my life and helped me plan a better future.


September 2017

Tanya is the most understanding, kindest and most genuine person. She helped me through the most traumatic and darkest time of my life. Tanya listens, understands and guides and I can honestly say I have become a more grounded, happier and stronger person and this is all down to Tanya’s support and help. Thank you so much and I know you will help and change so many people’s lives in the future. 


September 2017

When I first met Tanya, I was feeling very hopeless, but I had decided to give counselling a try. This was the best decision I could have made. Tanya guided me through this very difficult part of my life and helped me find my way out. I am now feeling better than I ever thought was possible. Tanya gave me a safe space to talk things through without judgement, she helped me find the answers I had inside me and she also gave me tools that allow me to deal much better with any issue now that counselling has ended. I am very grateful that she helped me to become the much stronger, happier, and independent person I am today.


June 2016

All names in the following testimonials are pseudonyms to protect client confidentiality.

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